The Love of a Family is one of Life's Greatest Blessings!

Lynn Prenatal reflection

You look best when you're happy and I do my best to make you feel relaxed and at ease during our shoot. I'm not saying I'm a comedian, but I've always been able to make people smile and in family photography, that's half the job! I also take pride in developing a relationship with your family that gives my photos a perspective that only a friend could know.

On Location Sessions

Throw a rock in Charleston and you can find a place for a great photograph. The Pitt St. bridge in Mt. Pleasant is great for sunset shots, there are always flowers blooming in the Old Village and Sullivan's Island has north, south and east beach faces for any lighting situation!

In Home Sessions

You have worked hard to make your house a place where your family feels safe and is free to be who they really are, that's why you call it home. What better environment could there be to capture the natural beauty of your family?

On Location Packages start at $359.